International services

Our office in Moscow is represented by professional lawyers and tax consultants with extensive experience in various areas of Russian Law as well as international law, including experts in English and French Law. Our associates are fluent in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Turkish languages.

GRAD is supporting its clients not only in Russia but also internationally, including the CIS countries, Europe, both Americas and Asia. We have been working in close cooperation with associated legal offices in all the major world centers for years.

GRAD has established contacts with the leading tax & legal consulting, audit firms, reputable banks and investment companies, including private equity and venture capital funds, around the world. This combination of services provides the best mechanism for the support of our clients, their business and private needs, thus creating the best conditions for their successful and efficient operation in any jurisdiction.

GRAD is saving the client’s money. Together with the highest level of professionalism the terms and conditions of our work are very competitive and economically beneficial for our clients helping them to save considerably working on complex matters, in particular, involving international aspect.

Our practice includes international services:

GRAD is building client relations on the basis of individual tailor made approach and flexible terms and conditions. The clients enjoy full attention and the highest quality both in case of simple one-time tasks and the development, structuring and maintenance of comprehensive long-term projects in Russia or multiple jurisdictions.

GRAD has everything necessary to ensure the prompt execution of our client’s tasks the best possible way.