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Объединившись более 10 лет назад в сфере правового консалтинга, команда GRAD успешно сопровождает своих клиентов от стадии стартапа до многомиллионного предприятия. Высокая квалификация специалистов подтверждена как годами практики, так и научной и преподавательской деятельностью. Вызовы времени требуют не просто помощи советника по правовым вопросам, но участия консультантов в работе клиента, конечного решения поставленных перед ними задач. Благодаря такой ориентации на ценности клиента, ежегодно более 100 новых компаний доверяют GRAD решение вопросов.

Tax Law

Tax practice is one of the priority areas in the work of GRAD Bar Association. The professional experience and legal practice of our lawyers reveal that the reason of most tax disputes is a conflict of interest, rather than violation of law by the parties to the dispute. For this reason, one of the key services in the field of taxes is tax audit support to ensure protection of your business from illegal actions of fiscal authorities.
Tax consulting and monitoring of legislation in this area is also one of the main areas of our work. Tax law is constantly changing. New amendments to laws, new forms of reports are released literally every three months. Entrepreneurs have no time to observe them. Our main task is to consistently monitor the laws and inform our clients about changes. This is the only way to ensure the highest level of our legal services.

Litigation and Arbitration Practice

Is your company experiencing serious financial and legal problems?
Company's executives are constantly faced with a variety of legal issues that cannot be resolved in an out-of-court manner. The most common issues in the arbitration practice are corporate disputes, tax disputes, infringement of intellectual property rights, and collection of receivables. The specifics of arbitration disputes include their complicated structure and need for profound knowledge and competence for their effective resolution.

Legal Protection of Business from Criminal Litigations

In the course of considering an economic crime, it is very often necessary to consider some aspects by third-party experienced professionals and experts in order to prove their innocence.

Labor Law

We will help to resolve labor disputes arising from both the employer and the employee. We take on the most difficult and problematic situations

Real Estate, Construction and Land Use

GRAD lawyers specialize in a wide variety of tasks related to real estate, construction and land use. The collegium is staffed by specialists with extensive experience in dealing with such matters.

Legal Support for Business

In business, at all stages of company development, there are legal risks that can only be mitigated by a competent specialist: from selecting a legal form for company registration through to its liquidation. With no doubt, one can take one-time legal advice on a case-by-case basis and solve legal issues as they arise. Yet the lack of planning of the legal activity can lead to drastic consequences. Specifically, to lengthy litigations. Difficult legal problems can be avoided entrusting legal issues to competent experts.

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