Real Estate, Construction and Land Use

GRAD lawyers specialize in a wide variety of tasks related to real estate, construction and land use. The collegium is staffed by specialists with extensive experience in dealing with such matters.
Real Estate

•    purchase and sale of commercial real estate: commercial, office space, warehouse and industrial facilities, as well as unoccupied residential buildings and lands, including holding negotiating, drafting sales contracts, due diligence and care, environmental law issues, tax consequences and necessary approvals
•    acquisition of real estate for the ownership of several owners, drafting of agreements on joint use of real estate
•    trust management
•    corporate lending: construction lending, mortgage financing, leaseback deals, loan and credit commitments, specific issues: small business lending, state support programs for the private sector and other.
•    commercial leasing: preparation, discussion and revision of financial lease and sublease contracts for office, industrial, commercial and warehouse facilities
•    cooperative ownership: creation of cooperatives, registration of rights to real estate, development of the management system, regulation of the legal mechanism for commercial use of real estate
•    tax planning: adding real estate to the authorized capital of legal entities, formation of closed unit funds, other aspects of tax planning for real estate acquisition and use


•    negotiation of lease contracts
•    issues of security deposit and its return
•    unilateral increase in rental rates
•    out-of-court unilateral repudiation of a lease contract
•    liability for breach of lease contracts
•    construction works in a rented facility
•    abuse of landlord rights, including restriction of admission to the facility


•    contracts: construction contract and mixed types of contracts
•    new housing construction
•    lien
•    pledge of incorporeal right
•    claims for failure to meet time constraints
•    violation of requirements for the constructed facility
•    facility warranty
•    facility commissioning

Land Use

•    planning and zoning of land areas
•    land categories and type of permitted use
•    cadastral value and its adjustment
•    encumbrance of land plots
•    peculiarities of forest legislation
•    environmental requirements and owner's liability
•    land tenure systems: gratuitous use, permanent unlimited use and other
•    specific aspects: alienation of agricultural lands, use of nature conservation territories, assignment of land plots to cultural heritage sites, and other
•    land use planning
•    utility systems: sewerage, gas supply, power supply
•    preservation of the historical status

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