Litigation and Arbitration Practice

Is your company experiencing serious financial and legal problems?
Company's executives are constantly faced with a variety of legal issues that cannot be resolved in an out-of-court manner. The most common issues in the arbitration practice are corporate disputes, tax disputes, infringement of intellectual property rights, and collection of receivables. The specifics of arbitration disputes include their complicated structure and need for profound knowledge and competence for their effective resolution.

5 Steps to Resolve an Arbitration Dispute

Consultation on Your Matter

Study of case materials, documents, judicial practice on the issue.

Development of the Strategy to Resolve the Issue

Based on the data received, lawyers develop an optimal strategy for resolving the arbitration dispute.

Preparation of all Necessary Documents

Preparation of procedural court documents (statements of claim, counterclaims, complaints, petitions).

Participation in Judical Proceedings in Arbitration Courts

Full legal representation and protection of the interests of your company at all litigation stages.

Appeal of Court Decisions

at courts of appeal, cassation courts, in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. In some cases, appeal of court decisions in the European Court of Human Rights.

Disputes with Customs Authorities

Resolution of administrative disputes related to the foreign economic activity of the company. Resolving issues of payment of state duties, as well as assistance in resolving tax disputes with customs (incorrect VAT calculation).

Disputes with Contractors

Representation of clients' interests in disputes related to non-performance or improper performance under agreements of supply, lease, contracting and provision of services, pledge, loan, insurance etc.

Real Estate Disputes

Participation in courts on the conflicts related to construction, real estate and land relations.

Intellectual Property Disputes

Including disputes related to trade secrets.

Disputes with States and Municipal Authorities

in the field of budget, tax, migration, customs legislation, antimonopoly regulation. Appealing against illegal actions (failure to act) of officials, including state registration refusals, suspension of operations on accounts etc.

Arbitration Proceedings

Proceedings in the arbitration court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, as well as at PETEK Foundation and other funds (ICAC and IAC at the CCI).

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