Legal Support for Business

In business, at all stages of company development, there are legal risks that can only be mitigated by a competent specialist: from selecting a legal form for company registration through to its liquidation. With no doubt, one can take one-time legal advice on a case-by-case basis and solve legal issues as they arise. Yet the lack of planning of the legal activity can lead to drastic consequences. Specifically, to lengthy litigations. Difficult legal problems can be avoided entrusting legal issues to competent experts.
Business Planning

Assistance at the first stage of company establishment: selecting a legal form of a business entity, organizing and starting a business.

Ongoing Legal Support

Support in contractual work, including legal due diligence of contracts (contract vetting), development of templates of most frequently used agreements, their improvement.

Audit and Administration of HR Documentation

Audit of financial statements, mandatory audit of financial statements and other document work.

Defence in Criminal Litigations

Investigations and anti-fraud defense in business operations, resolution of corporate and other disputes.

Advocate Investigations

Advocate requests, mandatory provision of information for both state and non-state agencies.

Tax Optimization

Tax planning, counterparty selection, activities through affiliates, simplified taxation system, unified tax on imputed income (UTII) etc.

Storage of Documents

Storage of company documents in our bar association.

Participation of Lawyers in Audits

Organization of audits by state regulatory authorities.

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