Legal Protection of Business from Criminal Litigations

In the course of considering an economic crime, it is very often necessary to consider some aspects by third-party experienced professionals and experts in order to prove their innocence.
Protection from Criminal Litigation for White-Collar Workers

•    Investigations and anti-fraud defense in business operations
•    corporate issues of internal investigations
•    securities fraud
•    tax evasion
•    illegal business operations
•    legalization of funds
•    deliberate and fictitious bankruptcy
•    disclosure of commercial or corporate secrets
•    debt evasion
•    evasion of fulfillment of court orders
•    appropriation and embezzlement
•    commercial bribery
•    abuse of authority
•    actions as part of an organized group of persons and other

Advocate Investigations

•    advocate’s letters of enquiry, mandatory provision of information for both state and non-state agencies
•    interviews by a lawyer of persons possessing case-related information
•    collection of documents and other items that can be used as evidence
•    instructing a private detective to collect evidence, "legalization", including audio and video recordings, collection of information about contractors, dossier formation and other

Storage of Documents in our Advocate Entity

•    obtaining documents held by a lawyer is only possible on the basis of a court decision. The same holds true to any other operational and search and investigative actions in relation to the lawyer
•    documents, data, and items constituting the lawyer's work products, even if received by law enforcement authorities, cannot be used in the prosecution evidence
•    with respect to the information received by the lawyer and actions performed by the latter on behalf of the client, the lawyer cannot be interrogated as a witness
•    the lawyer may not disclose the information received without the consent of the trustor
•    at that, the period of the lawyer-client confidentiality is not limited in time and the lawyer cannot be exempted from the obligation to maintain professional secret by any other except for the trustor

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