Labor Law

We will help to resolve labor disputes arising from both the employer and the employee. We take on the most difficult and problematic situations

Labor Law

Dispute resolution for employers

•    disclosure of trade or corporate secrets
•    unfair competition on the side of a former or current employee
•    protection against discriminatory claims and denial of employment
•    employee dismissal legitimacy
•    compensation to former employees
•    development and implementation of HR documentation
•    recruitment and dismissal issues
•    peculiarities of working time organization
•    discrimination in employment and recruitment
•    bonuses and other incentives
•    disciplinary punishments
•    corporate culture
•    confidentiality agreements and trade secrets
•    storage and use of personal data
•    implementation of security measures for employees: use of a polygraph, video recording, recording telephone conversations, audit of working hours, and other
•    outstaffing
•    dismissal of management and top managers: golden parachutes, conflict dismissal, company documentation, guarantees at dismissal
•    inspections by the state labor inspectorate

Corporate Procedures

•    rights and obligations of majority and minority shareholders, officers and directors
•    representation of minority shareholders
•    protection of management interests: issues of top management remuneration, service benefits, pensions, and other
•    development and analysis of constituent documents and internal corporate documentation
•    preparation of shareholders agreements, agreements for exercising member's rights
•    creation of defense procedures aimed at ensuring fulfillment of duties by officials and the director in good faith and for the benefit of the corporation
•    monitoring compliance with corporate procedures during voting, decision-making etc.
•    preparation and holding of a general meeting of shareholders (members), meeting of the board of directors (supervisory board) and the management board

Corporate "divorce"

•    holding negotiation and finding compromise
•    deal structuring
•    guarantee obligations and deal enforcement
•    deal making and closing
•    specific aspects: separation of intellectual property, assessment when no separation in kind can be made, intangible assets, including the client base and business processes

Mergers and acquisitions

•    creation of joint ventures and strategic alliances
•    a company buy out by a shareholder or management
•    establishment of subsidiaries
•    branches, representative offices and separate business units
•    structuring of business reorganization or expansion
•    hostile takeover
•    bankruptcy takeover
•    conducting a legal audit
•    antitrust risks

Nonprofit organizations

•    management structure based on regulatory acts
•    state laws regarding non-profit legal status
•    registration with the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation
•    responsibilities of the head and officers
•    obligations of paid and non-paid personnel
•    fund-raising and financial obligations regulations for charity
•    hiring, evaluation and termination of employment contracts with employees, compensations
•    functions of members of management structures
•    personnel /council board /relationship with volunteers
•    legal issues in the field of planning, program implementation and management
•    real estate transactions
•    contracting and rental agreements
•    creation of joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions

Corporate disputes

•    disputes between members, shareholders, partners in joint venture companies (companies, partnerships, foundations, etc.)
•    corporate governance
•    investments in the company: refusal of investments, return on investment, investment misuse and other
•    challenging decisions of governing bodies
•    storage and provision of documentation on company's activities
•    determination of business development strategy and disposal of company's property
•    audit activities, audit

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