Commercial law

Considering that Russia is a huge market with great potential though challenging and not yet fully integrated with the European and other world markets, proper legal advice is extremely important for the start and development of a successful business.

GRAD ensures comprehensive high quality legal support to its clients based on years of practical experience in all aspects of trade and commerce in Russia, including international trade, in particular, tax optimization, compliance with formalities, drafting of simple yet practical or sophisticated agreements with suppliers, customers, partners, distributors, organization of trade chains and structures etc.

Changing market conditions and legal rules and regulations affect customs laws, exchange controls, foreign investment requirements and taxation and many other issues. Unforeseen risks across borders can trigger liabilities and costs that may outweigh investment returns.

GRAD “keeps the hand on the pulse” and constantly tracks all regulatory changes and is ready to provide our clients tailor made solutions for real life situations at any moment and support them at all stages of their business activity – from initial planning to fast adjustment of plans to new conditions.

Key services in this area include:

  • negotiating, drafting and review of all types of business contracts, contract paperwork and performance,  termination, claims enforcement
  • tax and obligatory payments optimization advice, risks analysis, including customs duties, VAT etc
  • internal and international trade; INCOTERMS; international treaties application
  • compliance with formalities relating to local and international trade, including permits, certificates, customs clearance etc
  • financing, debt restructuring; performance security; debt recovery and creditor protection, support in enforcement proceedings, foreclosure and related matters
  • relations with government and municipal bodies
  • disputes resolution